About the Tunes...

Our audiences are always excited to learn that they are dancing to the same tunes people danced to some 300 years ago.

Each track is based on a tune from a traditional English manuscript or printed tune book.

Overview info about the tunes for people that have never heard of us or the music we play – (couldn’t access from old website, sorry).

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Tunes from our latest Album

Playford’s Dancing Master 1786

Playford’s Dancing Master 1701

Rutherford’s Compleat Collection of Country Dances 1756

John Johnson’s Choice Collection of Country Dances 1750

The Matthew Betham Manuscript 1815

The William Irwin Manuscript 1838 Edited by John Offord

John Walsh’s Third Book of the Most Celebrated Jigs c.1730

Daniel Wright’s Complete Collection of Celebrated Country Dances c.1730

Thomas Marsden’s Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes c.1745

The Browne Family Manuscript c.1825

The Matthew Betham Manuscript 1815

Rutherford’s Complete Collection of Country Dances 1756

Thompson’s Compleat Country Dances 1765